Banks & Financial Services companies register below for in/out network financial data transfer service. We provide financial data transfer services to banks and financial services companies. Originator banks can accept payment data and funds transfer requests from customers via our web platform Payment Gateway. Covid-19, have created the Social Distancing environment. Our solution was developed to facilitate the need between the customers and their banking institution. Customers no longer must come into the bank to do a wire transfer. The Payor simply completes the transfer request information form in the Payment Center and send via our portal to the bank, which then processes the information for their clients. Information is available in our CRM for banks to collaborate with their customers. We’re here to collaborate with banks and financial related companies for the benefit of their customers and social distancing. Remove your account security concerns with our exclusive system.

Ask your CRM developer provider to integrate our product with your current website, by using a license

1. The payor Customer gets the wire transfer information from the destination, then completes the financial data transfer form in Payment Center.
2. Bank collects data from CRM
3. Bank verify transfer transaction information in CRM(Current partners – Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce & Zoho) and/or Payor account with the payor/sender over the phone.
4. Bank completes wire transfer to recipient/receiver account

FRANCHISE opportunity now available to banking institutions and financial operators. We build, maintain, and co-operate platform for your banking institution exclusively(2 CRM users or less). Or we build, maintain and you operate the CRM platform exclusively(> than 2 CRM users)
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You can link the bank website to our Payment Gateway portal to collect and process wire transfer data directly from bank customer’s accounts, or several collection points within your organization (Available to all Partners).

The receiver process payment data and we transfer data to Payor at any worldwide location immediately.
The payor gets check data then process funds through wire transfer or ACH to the receiver account.
We work with all businesses including ACH processors, Government, Loan Lenders, Loan Processors, Institutional and non-Institutional Financial Companies.
In all transfer cases, password access to data form is provided to the customer by the subscribing bank.

Take payment by check before releasing goods or service. Great for the bank to bank and large international check transactions. Speed up international check transactions. Faster service, fewer complications. No need to develop and maintain another website and database. Data collected can be used for processing payments for business services, financial, human resources data collection, private(Homeowner, Business), or government use. Data collected below is used for processing routine, temporary, or emergency cash disbursement through ACH system and banks to recipients or business servicers account for payment for any payment requested service. We operate worldwide and is available for routine or emergency service in all countries. Pay your temporary and emergency relief workers faster and keep your business in operation. This will be from your desktop or mobile device when infrastructures are down or no access to financial records. Use for routine temporary worker needs or emergency relief or to collect payment data for services rendered in any situation. Our technology solutions make life easier.

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