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  1. Bank to Bank Payment data – Move money internationally and locally
  2. Business and Private data -(i.e. Take payments for your products and services, HR data etc)
  3. You get all processes above for one price to any international location

How the system works.

  • 1. Subscribe to the service.
  • 2. We set up and onboard your worldwide locations.
  • 3. You’re ready to use the service. Data form to be processed by your store or location company representative.
  • 4. Data form below is available to members in the CRM.
  • We work with all businesses including ACH processors, Loan Lenders, Loan Processors, Institutional and non-Institutional Financial Companies
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Our key function is that of an electronic identification/data collection platform. The platform integrates with all financial and check payment systems used for payments during routine and disaster situations, for goods and services. The data collection portal is for use as a routine electronic ID data collector in disaster, emergency or most routine check payment required situations. Register and activate the Payor/CompanyID# in order to accept checks in your business now. We collect the check data, you initiate the check payment transactions via your favorite ACH processor. Link your website to our portal to collect check data from your customers. Take payment by check before releasing goods or service. Remove personal information from daily routine operations by establishing a central repository. Great for bank to bank and large international check transactions. Speed up international check transactions. Banks can now use our service to accept SWIFT CODE payments for their customers. Faster service, fewer complications. No need to develop and maintain another website and database. Data collected can be used for processing payments for business services, financial, human resources data collection, private(Homeowner, Business) or government use. Data collected below is used for processing routine, temporary or emergency cash disbursement through ACH system and banks to recipients or business servicer account for payment for any payment requested service. Retrieve records later for tax, compliance or other purposes. We operate worldwide and is available for routine or emergency service in all countries. Pay your temporary and emergency relief workers faster and keep your business in operation. This will be from your desktop or mobile device when infrastructures are down or no access to financial records. Use for routine temporary worker needs or emergency relief or to collect payment data for services rendered in any situation. Retrieve your data through ZOHO CRM. We work with all users to implement the process. Our technology solutions makes life easier.

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Why be embarrassed by the need for just a few more dollars. Emergency travel funds for flight or train ticket, we’re here to help.

We cater to our client’s immediate needs, to any location worldwide. Emergency response recipients, for immediate service, while you wait, simply complete the form below and we will take care of the rest.


A business or individual store with $50,000 in inventory, whose windows had been blown out or damaged and resulted in no access to financial records due to power outage, use our service on their mobile device to hire and process emergency worker or non-payroll employee to fix the windows or damage immediately, thereby mitigating the loss of inventory due to theft or water damage. There was no need to wait, results were reduced claims and no need to carry cash. Better visibility and control of the account spending process. Reduced tax liability. Register Now


LOOK OUT FOR OUR QR CODE AT A SERVICE PROVIDER LOCATION CLOSE TO YOU or DOWNLOAD OUR APP (“Finance Now!”) -Below. Follow your local and international emergency management developments through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. 

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