1. Registration(Complete form)

2. Pay with PayPal, Credit Card or data check for all of your location through our system(For access notify us by email of your intention to pay via check data. Include your Partner ID. Each in-network location must register with same company name and email domain(i.e. xxx@domain.com) to get access. Public email addresses(i.e gmail etc. will not be accepted). Pricing is for in-network service to any in/out of network location internationally.

3. Enter data into portal now.

ALL Business and Private Lenders Monthly Subscription – Money Transfer and Loan Data Processed By TransTechnology Corp Portal – Price Per Location – To accept transactions from any location.


Small business(200,000 records annually: monthly system $99.99/Month pricing applies, you collect and process) and Government & large enterprises>200,000 records annually: [Contract required]: check data processing into your ACH account, you collect and we process for a small fee + $199.99/month


Select the number of locations you will be servicing. You will register each location through the registration page.
[Large Business – Contract Agreement Required]>200,000 records/yr-In Network Data collection


[Small Business]<200,000 records/yr-In Network Data collection


Monthly Subscription For Government and Bank Swift Code Payment Acceptance – Money Transfer and Loan Data Processed By TransTechnology Corp Portal – To process data to any location or business internationally.

Government, Businesses and Private Lenders, accept checks or loan data in your business now. We’ll get you paid whether your client is around the corner or around the world. Have your clients pay you by presenting information for check processing through the data portal. We collect the check data, you initiate the check processing through your favorite ACH processor. Purchases made exactly 24 Hours prior to hurricane landfall or any natural disaster may not be properly entered into CRM system. Therefore, we are not responsible for any theft, repair neglect, lost time, vandalism or any associated problems related to a power outage at your property. Purchase made 48 hrs prior to a disaster will be properly provisioned in the CRM system. We strongly recommend putting our program in place prior to the annual natural disaster season in your location. See Terms

We work with all ACH processors, Loan Lenders, Processors, Institutional and non-Institutional Financial Companies